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This is me

Hello! My name is Nuno Gouveia de Sousa and I'm from Leiria, Portugal. 

I'm an adventureholic and documental photographer with +16 years of experience, always looking forward to explore the remote reaches of the world.

My driving forces are People and Nature.  Through my travels over the past years I realised that modern society was becoming strongly disconnected from each other and from our blue planet due to its ambition and selfishness. I couldn't be indifferent to such mindset so my work naturally evolved to document diversity and inspire others to make the change and deeply appreciate Earth and humanity, looking after it and making our common experience while on Earth remarkable, as individuals as well as mankind.

I am a restless spirit with a great passion for adventure, constantly looking to explore the world on its most remote locations. While on the uncharted, beyond the society's cultural limits and beliefs, I search for natural beauties and social connections with local people. Humility, tolerance and resilience are some of the rewards I fill my luggage with every time I return home. By sharing my real experiences and stories I hope to open new windows and allow others to see further, empowering self-awareness about our responsibility as humans and our foot-print in the world.

Inspired to inspire

Connect with the locals

Nothing is better than meet new people. Know their story. Their motivations. Learn with them. This allows me - us - to grow as a person.

Experience new cultures

Understand other's traditions and how they live. Their beliefs. Their fears. Their core values. Cultural diversity helps us broaden our perspectives of the world we live in.


What else can beat a one million star hotel? Travel in full autonomy allows us to go that extra mile and enjoy the great outdoors.

Through my photographs I want to share these amazing remote places and outdoors all over the world, and spread the beauty of its ancient cultures and different ways of living.

I want them to be an inspiration for you to leave your comfort zone and rush to new places and adventure.

Let's see the world as one. Let's connect. Let's #sharethedifference.


I've been featured and published in National and International Magazines, Websites and Social Media, always related with adventure, outdoor, documental content and storytelling.